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Visit this site to learn more about working for UNDP and find the development job of your dreams. Learn more about the 7 projects selected as part of the first call for proposals for funding by taking part in this webiner on November 12 at 1400. Are you passionate about the development of the world and want to make a difference? BrS looks forward to deepening cooperation with the WCO and customs authorities to better prevent and combat the illegal trade in hazardous waste. If you are having difficulty with online applications, please contact UNDP works in more than 170 countries and territories and contributes to the eradication of poverty and the reduction of inequality and exclusion. We help countries develop strategies, leadership skills, partner skills, institutional capabilities and build resilience to maintain development outcomes. The theme of the upcoming conference meetings of the parties to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions and the associated high-level segment, from 19 to 31 July 2021, will be “Global Agreements for a Healthy Planet; Sound Management of Chemicals – Waste.” Contact us, share your ideas and find out how we can work together for a sustainable, just and just future. These meetings are proposed either as independents or as members of the popular MOOC, and focus on growing trends in the production of electrical waste and the impact on human health and the environment. Stay up-to-date with JOBS at UNDP by subscribe to a personal newsletter on the employment alert. This service is provided by Impactpool.

Organized by GEN with the BRS secretariat and a large number of other partners, the first of the series focuses on plastic waste. Originally scheduled for the 5th Un Environment Assembly, OEWG-12 has now been postponed. The online segment discussion report is available now. Information Disclosure Policies Access to this website allows certain user information, such as IP addresses (Internet Protocol), site browsing, time spent with other similar information, to be stored on UNDP servers. They do not specifically identify the user. The information is used internally only for the analysis of the site`s traffic. When the user provides unique credentials such as name, address and other information on forms stored on this site (z.B.