2 Year Agreement Xfinity

We also have a two-year contract that started about 10 months ago. Make no mistake, our prices have gone up three times in the last 10 months, and we actually have two channels that we have often seen. I think my definition of “contract” is very, very different from the definition of comcasts. TracFone has the cheapest SmartFone switching plan… Bring any old ATT smartphone to TracFone, buy an annual 4500 minute 4.5 Gb data card. Data you can buy for 1GB for $10. ATT charges 70 USD for 6GB, so TracFone is cheaper than AT-T, cricket, sprint, each. It is not a mandatory contract, but it is a contract. You can go down at any time by paying the fine. In mine, the early termination tax is $230.

But it`ll be reduced by $10/mo. So, after one year, it would be only the remaining $120 in redundancy costs. What – it might be worth it if you have more than $10/m I started saving with someone about my bill and expressed concern that the cost is too high and that ATT and DirectTV were much less priced to offer. Plus, I`ve been at Comcast for over 15 years and I didn`t find it fair that new customers have much lower prices than loyal customers. That is not true in my case. I wanted to bring down the TV service and they said my internet will be 25Mbps 75 usd/month. So I called back and another guy said I can try to log in online where the “special” offer is $39.99 and see if it works. So I`d call them again to explain that I have an online offer, and if you`re so nice, take off that TV and let me use a special online.

So I get the email, I have to call because my online order has problems. I called back and she started explaining to me that special offers are for new customers and not for current customers. Are you going to take that? I don`t know who she talked to, but that`s not what Comcast does. Anyway, I can just separate from comcast completely and use Verizon for a while, they have the offer of 50mbps internet without a contract. And then try comcast again with a special offer. Also, if you sign up, you DON”T DOWNgrade services, especially packages for nothing, you will get a downgrade, but almost at a cost of 50% more than before. Also order online if you can because you can choose to decide this scam with the “installer” type. I didn`t have the Internet, so I had to chat with them on the “direct” Internet connection. Yes, even if you don`t have the Internet, but you have a Comcast cable, you can get your “registration page” and they really own you. They know you`re desperate and you don`t have a choice, it`s the worst.

They have offers, like on the Internet. But the next time you call them, they say they don`t use online pricing. Liars. As a result, they insisted on $60 in visiting or no service activation technicians. It`s funny that I told this Hindu guy that I was discussing the Internet cable with him at the time, and he kept making sure the pole connection is dead and the technicians have to connect it. I`ve lost all respect for them. In fact, I never had much years ago. When ordering online, you can choose the package to install yourself – $0. I had my 2-year-old advertising window behind me, so my bill had gone up to $170 for Digital Starter TV plus HBO -Stream pix plus Blast Internet (100 Mbps). I called and was transferred to the guard (“Loyalty”). I said I was going to travel and I would have a guard, so I tried to cancel.

Instead of cancelling, I let them “talk to me in” hold a package for my domestic knight. . He just picked up the phone with Comcast. I said I was leaving for Dish, because the price just got too high. Thanks to you, I just saved 50 dollars a month for next year for the same package that I currently have. Thank you! I`m in the process of subscribe to HD Premier. I got the plan originally at a new customer rate, after having had cable TV and the internet. I saved almost $100 by rocking.